Issue 30

One-Act Play

from The Tragical Ascension of Lulu The Flower-Child
Setting: A small, untidy art studio in the evening. Upstage center is an arbor decorated with floral embellishments which stands upon fake grass sprinkled with flower petals blue and pink. The arbor has a bench at whose ends are small flower-beds, containing peonies, that too may serve as armrests.
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Art + Photography

Tablerock Lake

Taylor Wright


Madison Flanders

Spring Awakening

Sydney Seegers

Pink Grapes and Black Flora

Jody Barbaree

The Hernandez

Julio Gonzalez
Art on this page, top to bottom: Pink Grapes Black Flora by Jody Barbaree, Lash by Madison Flanders, Tablerock Lake by Taylor Wright, and The Hernandez by Julio Gonzalez