Issue 33 Masthead

Lila Chapman is an opossum lover at the University of Fort Smith-Arkansas. She enjoys hanging upside down on trees and isolation of others. Some say she avoids other people like the plague. She comes alive at night but wallows away during the day. She enjoys swimming, climbing, and eating random food. As well as watching the moon disappear and reappear. 

Sarah Chiles is the world renowned inventor of dominoes (the game AND the pizza), and tries her best almost every day. She also knows your second biggest fear, but she would never use it against you. 

Lauren Driver is a student at the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith. She holds the world record for most paper clips eaten, believes oranges are government spies, and looks forward to the day geckos take their rightful place as our overlords.

Matthew Glover is a student currently alive at University of Arkansas Fort-Smith. He is best known for his hatred of restaurants that don’t use both their drive through windows. In spite of his high likelihood for arthritis, Matthew spends his time writing stories that make no logical sense.

Avery Powell is a student at University of Arkansas in Fort Smith. She enjoys reading with a cup of any kind of tea as long as it’s very sweet. She prefers to stay away from people unless she absolutely has to be there. Her writing is very chaotic and if you ever read a first draft, it will most likely leave your head spinning with wondering what the heck just happened. 

Sam Roberts is a Studio Art student at UAFS most known on campus for noisiest backpack. She can quote the entire “I need an adult” bit from Dragon Ball Z Abridged, and she’s made 3 of her 5 D&D players cry in two years. Sometimes writes, sometimes draws, always weird.

Levi Thomas, a student at UAFS, is known for being in a deeply committed relationship to caffeine. They find joy in the simple things, including a lack of sleep and playing cringe video games. If they had one redeeming quality, it would be their overabundance of sass and they’re not sorry about it.

Mailey Woolf is a Graphic Design Major at UAFS. She’s also a self proclaimed weirdo who has way too many hobbies and not enough time to obsess over them. In addition to that she has an unhealthy obsession with bats (the animal), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Lego Ninjas, and so many cartoons.

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