Jenna Lynn Good



            take off all your clothes
            and get high on your 
                 creation—stand on your
                 spinny chair and in place of your 
     anticipated table dance
                 puke out your antiquated

            and open your mouth to
                        new language.
            calligraph your arms in mascara
     write your fears on your
                 light your India incense
            and put on your recovery
                        eminem CD

            open the door
                 and step onto the
                        balance beam of a
            wind on your cheeks
                 dirt in your mouth
            eternity flashes
                        the obsession passes
step                       down dizzy.

Jenna Lynn Good is a graduating senior at the University of Michigan, where nobody pretends to understand the vehemence of her love for the Alice in Chains MTV Unplugged album. She likes to write in D’Nealian cursive with black ink all over CVS receipts, and her favorite color remains pinkpurpleandblue.

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