John Mazzetta

Art + Photography

ARTIST’S STATEMENT: I headed to Denver’s Capitol Hill on November 6th, 2020 only intending to document Americans’ reaction to Election Day. I was met with a lively, joyous atmosphere that seemed to have been long lost to the despair of 2020. As I walked just a block away from the commotion, I found myself in a starkly different environment. One that struck me as being totally tranquil; a world, and its inhabitants, seemingly oblivious to the history being made nearby.

To Lead

To Lead by John Mazzetta // Color Film

Going Forth

Going Forth by John Mazzetta // Color Film

Not A Care

Not A Care by John Mazzetta // Color Film

The Oblivious

The Oblivious by John Mazzetta // Color Film

John Mazzetta is a student at the University of Colorado Denver, where he works as the photography editor for the university newspaper. Outside of school and work he spends his time taking film photographs. His primary focus is capturing human experience, emotion, and the environments that influence one’s perception of the world around them.

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