Josephine Desir

Applause Issue 32 Label

Self-Portrait as CD

After Aimee Nezhukumatathil

Who else makes your nostalgia           sparkle            like lust?

Who else sets the light to        beaming                      an artificial aurora—

cyan          magenta           lilac         blush?

I’ll only let you touch me                   if you touch me like the tongue-red

glow of a 780-nanometer wavelength laser:

if you make me whirl              until I’m giddy,

 lacquer beading off       into sweet rainbow sweat,

your heart and my spiral track            pulsing in sync. If you make me dance

as hard as you danced.

So what if I’m scratched? If I skip?               If I stutter,

I want you to know what I said.

I’ll only let you touch me                   if you want to know me by heart.

Josephine Desir is definitely an actual human being. She enjoys human pastimes such as eating foods, drinking liquids, and wearing clothing items.

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