Maya Hoeft


It’s been 7 months since we broke up and I don’t think about him much anymore so would someone please tell me why he’s still in all my dreams

I dream I’m hiking with your mom
I call her Steph as we venture an emerald ridge
Laugh as we descend valleys
You choose the desk next to mine
We pass notes in class like middle schoolers

I dream you kiss me in my childhood home
Before a T-Rex tries to eat us
While shoving my feet into my orange running shoes
I lose track of you
I scour the backyard
Sprint through the streets
Scream your name

I dream I see you
Arm around a brown haired girl
You see me and smile that big goofy grin
Maya, this is Misty
I look you in the eye
And throw up in the street

I dream we go ice skating
Christmas lights strung around the little outdoor rink
The air is balmy but the ice doesn’t melt
As we sit on a park bench
With my head on your shoulder I think
I am entirely at peace

I dream you hold my hand in front of your parents
This isn’t right
Drum your fingers along my collarbone
I don’t really care
Press your lips to my temple

I dream I find you at Smith’s
Bags of chopped lettuce avert their gaze
Over our intersected shopping carts
You won’t look at me

I dream you sleep beside me
Under the twin sized yellow duvet
When I wake I can still feel your forehead against mine

Maya Hoeft is one semester shy of a super senior at Brigham Young University. She will watch (and enjoy without criticism) any Jane Austen movie adaption, writes her silly little poems, and will find any excuse to bake and decorate elaborate cakes for her friends.

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